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How to Submit Your Transformers Accessories Want List




The WANT LIST is a courtesy service and will be discontinued if abused.

Before submitting a WANT LIST, see if those parts are already in stock.  If they are in stock, DO NOT put them on your WANT LIST.  The WANT LIST is not for placing an order. If what you want is in stock, go to the ORDER PAGE.

Please email me your WANT LIST as a  single column, with no space between lines, in this order: Prefix code - Name of Transformer - name of part.  (example):

86DPRED  Dive Bomb Left Fist
86DPRED  Dive Bomb Laser- Guided Sword 
86DPRED  Dive Bomb Particle Beam Rifle 

86DPRED -Dive Bomb Particle Beam Rifle *


*If you want two of the same thing LIST IT TWICE 

Do not type ANYTHING (such as quantity ) before the Group Code on the list. I will have to remove it before entering it in the data base.

Do not submit you list as a paragraph.  It will "accidentally" get deleted.

Use the names WE use for the accessory. Remember the term "driver side" is different in different countries. Also, by using our names for the part, we know you are familiar with the price we charge for the part.

NO ATTACHED FILES.  I don't want any viruses.

Please UPDATE your WANT LIST once a month.

When updating your WANT LIST, list only the  CHANGES  being made ( what to remove and what to add) . If I have the replace your whole list, you loose your place in line. I can email you a copy of your current WANT LIST if you need to review it.

Your WANT LIST is indexed to your email address, so if you change your email, you need to let us know.

Use only ONE email account to manage your WANT LIST or place orders.

You will be alerted when an accessory  on your WANT LIST  is in stock. You then have the OPPORTUNITY to purchase it now or refuse it and let the next person on the waiting list have a chance at buying it. 

You only have a few days to reply , so check your email a least once a week.

Once you have been notified that I have found a part for you, it is removed from your WANT LIST.  It is not put back on your WANT LIST if your refuse purchase, or do not reply.  However, you can email me after 3 weeks, and  request to have that part put back on your WANT LIST.   

While I will not expect you to wait forever for me to find what you need, if I do find anything on your WANT LIST  within 48 hours of your emailing me your WANT LIST, I will expect you to accept a billing invoice and send payment within 10 days for those parts. 

Do not ask to delay billing until all the items on your want list have been found. You must purchase them as they become available. (exception: some overseas orders)

If you consistently refuse to purchase parts I have found for you, and have made no effort to UPDATE your want list, I will stop holding parts for you.

Prices change as inventory and demand change. Submitting a WANT LIST does not LOCK-IN a fixed price. 


Consider this, the parts on your WANT LIST are not common, or I would have them in stock. I could sell these items in less that 48 hours by just posting them for sale on my website. Instead I am providing you with this VERY time consuming alert service to free up your time and allow you to pursue other leads without having to check here everyday, so CUT ME SOME SLACK! If you can't be bothered to follow the rules, don't expect a miracle form me.



Submitting your WANT LIST signifies you have read and understand the rules (and rant) set on this page, and that you will abide those rules or be ignored.




If you have read the information below this click HERE to submit you list.  If that link does not open your email program then email  your list, as stated above, to with the words "WANT LIST" in the Subject Line.




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