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Please read this whole page before proceeding.


Remember, unless some prior arrangement was made, payment is due in 3 to 10 DAYS (US), not 3 to 10 WEEKS! If you do not send payment or do not stay in touch through email, I WILL CANCEL YOUR ORDER. Don't expect a reminder either. These are TOYS. I'll just assume something more important has come up, like the rent. However, canceled orders will incur a restocking fee payable next time (if ever) you place another order.

E-mailing you when I receive your payment and again when I ship your order would triple the time I spend answering/sending E-mail, and I can not keep up as it is, so I have set up this system where YOU can check on your order yourself by viewing the same order tracking data base I use. 

This link -  ORDER STATUS DATA BASE - allows you to view a copy of the multiple page data base I use to keep track of your orders and credits. Depending on your browser, tabs or buttons will appear at the bottom pf each page giving you access to all other pages. described below.

SHEET 1 - Payments/Trades recently received and ORDERS PLACED
Your order is listed here indexed by the invoice number if 

recently paid but not yet shipped

placed but not yet paid

or placed on HOLD by your request.

Indexed by shipping date, you order is listed here if it was shipped in the last few days.

Indexed by company or last name. If you have any unused credit or owe us any money, its listed here  a few days after your order is shipped.
Your trade credit is kept on file here for ONE YEAR. After that,.....Thanks!

If the word SALVAGE appears on your credit entry, it mean there may be item in the salvage yard I am trying to sell for you. 

SHEET 4 - Completed orders of 2004 


SHEET 5 - Completed orders of 2003 - indexed by last name


SHEET 3 & 6 - Office use

NOTE: It is NOT unusual for 1st class US parcel post to take nearly TWO WEEKS
to deliver INSIDE the U.S.



OTHER BROWSERS - The OSP Sheets were made with Front Page so M.I.E. works best to view them. Netscape users will find the TABS in the second frame that will open at the bottom of the screen. I have not had a chance to view these pages from WEB TV...yet.

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INVOICE NUMBERS - Invoice numbers are hyper-linked to my hard drive, so don't click on the invoice number - you will get an error message if you do.

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