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What is it?

The Parts House Inner Circle of TF Collectors (PHIC) is a group of over 400 TF collectors who, in exchange for letting me send them newsletters and updates once or twice a week; get discounts, better deals on trade-ins, and first chance at purchasing new inventory.

Why is it?

For me, newsletters have been a powerful tool to promote my business, but I refuse to engage in SPAM. So I provide extra services and deals for collectors who SUBSCRIBE to my free newsletter and updates.

I also want to encourage my frequent customers to use insurance and/or tracking when they purchase orders from me, so I give a 10% discount on all cash sales (not trades) over $10.00. Any credit left over can be used in the next invoice's balance.

Why should YOU join?

You get a 10% discount on non-trade orders over $10.00.

You get FULL trade credit for G1, G2, BW, & BM parts I sell which I am currently out of stock. 

You get first opportunity to buy new stock via an unlisted web page only PHIC members have the address to.  When new parts come in, I first check to see if they are on anyone's WANT LIST.  If not, if they are an uncommon accessory like a Predicon Foot, then they are posted at the STOCK PREVIEW ROOM where PHIC members get to buy it before it gets listed on the regular public PARTS PAGE. When parts are added the PREVIEW ROOM, all PHIC members will get an E-mail update called PARTS ALERT!

I try to issue the Newsletter once a week, usually in conjunction with a PARTS ALERT. 

IT'S FREE ! Just e-mail me at with SUBSCRIBE INNER CIRCLE, and I'll sign you up and send you the links to the WELCOME PAGE and the PREVIEW ROOM


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