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If you would rather trade for G1 accessories rather than buy, or trade-in some G1 accessories to offset the cost of a purchase and shipping, you are welcome to do just that. I take ANY NEAR MINT G1 TF ACCESSORY*  as trade. With the exception of  Condition ( Near Mint or better only), I am not picky. I will accept what ever you have.


I do not do even trades. This is a business, not a hobby.
Trades are worth  50% of their cash value. To find out what your trade is worth to me, just check the price I'm selling the same accessory for and divide that by 2.

Say you want to by a  Left Fist for $5.00, and you had an extra Right Fist which I usually sell for $5.00 and an extra  arm which I usually sell for about $7.00.
Those two items together would be worth (($5 + $7)/2)   $6.00 in a trade. You would have $1.00 credit left over that you could use to buy more parts, pay shipping, or I can keep a record of your credit that you may use it on your NEXT purchase.

No trade list. Once you found the parts that I have that you want to buy, you don't have to read another list to see what parts I want. I want them ALL ( near mint that is).
You don't even have to figure what your accessories are worth. Send me a list of what you got, and I'll tell you what it's all worth to me.

THE EXCEPTION (added 2/20/04) 

 I now have a list of MOST WANTED PARTS. If you have anything on this list in neat mint condition you wish to trade, you can get FULL TRADE CREDIT for it.

The Transformers PARTS HOUSE only sells NEAR MINT PARTS AND ACCESSORIES. Nothing is broken or bent, no paint wear, and no chrome wear - NO NO NO!!  If you do not receive the accessory in the condition described, return it for a full refund. Just let us know it is coming.

Trades, just like money, must be received prior to the shipment of accessory purchases.

New Policy(5/10/03): We will not longer pay the shipping for our side of a trade. The customer is responsible for the cost of shipping his trades AND HIS PURCHASES.  However, you can send trades to cover the shipping cost, too. 

Please let me know you have read this policy and understand it, or you will be instructed to read it before we can continue with the deal.



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