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Temporary change in policy  (6/7/03)

I regret to inform that because of the decrease of cash sales vs. trades in this weak economy,
I do not have cash to purchase parts and collections.
However, I can sell them on commission if you like.
You would get the same amount of money (50% list), but you only get it after the sale.
Your parts would only be sold for cash.
Your parts would be kept separate from all other stock.
Your parts would get a separate listing on a Commissions Only Page. 


Old Policy ( suspended )

  This business buys ALL near mint G1 Transformers accessories and Transformers. We pay 50% of the posted price on the same accessories.

Payment is made by postal order, money order, or Paypal.com

(Addendum 2/2/03) Until further notice, payment for collections over $50.00 will be made though Paypal.com so I can use a credit card.

  We have to receive the parts for inspection before we pay since about 10% of the parts we get are junk. Parts not bought will be returned or sold on consignment.
  (Addendum 2/2/03) Robot Monster Toys will accept for sale by CONSIGNMENT Transformers or parts that are not near mint condition and other non-Transformers action figures and toys. Our consignment fee is 50% of the price sold.
  Once we agree on a price, and I issue you an invoice, that agreement is good for 14 days. Prices are MARKET DRIVEN and no offer is forever. 
  I pay for collections in the order I receive them. First come, first serve. First to send the goods, first to get my money. I will not turn down business hoping you will one day send me the Transformers you promised to sell. Like any business that wants to survive, I have a purchasing budget. When that budget is used up for the month, I will not be purchasing anymore until the next  month . 

Please let me know you have read this policy and understand it, or you will be instructed to read it before we can continue with the deal.

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