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1) Do you ship outside the United States? Yes. I have regular customers in Canada, Australia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Brazil.  


2) Do you accept credit cards? - Not directly,  no.   Why not?   I only deal ONLINE so I do not see the need to have some-one charge me $400 to set up a Charge card receiving system that will soon be available FREE all over the world.  The Paypal system, who with I already have a business account, allows anyone with an email address to transfer money from their credit card or bank account to anyone with a email address.  This service has gone international, too.  For  more information go to:

We now have a Paypal Business Account 


While this service  charges me a fee for use when you pay me, the cost is NOTHING compared to regular credit card service providers.



5) Why must I give my name and shipping address when I only want some questions answered? Saves us both time. Especially since 90% of the "inquiries"  I get are questions on shipping charges. I can't tell you the shipping charge, if I don't know where you live. 

6) If I pay using Paypal, Billpoint, Bidpay, Western Union, or some other payment transfer service, do I STILL have to send you the invoice?  No. But PLEASE post the INVOICE NUMBER in the SUBJECT BOX so I'll know why I am receiving money. (Otherwise, thanks for the money!) I don't mind you emailing me to make sure I got the money.

7)How big is YOUR collection? 

I have them ALL of course. No, really, because I buy and sell mainly loose Transformers, and  have to "play test" them of course, there are always 10 or 20 different ones lying around every week. Other than the G2OP my wife gave me on my  birthday, I keep few Beast Wars and Beast Machines.


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