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(Feel free to cut and paste part name and prices)

(example order )

Hello Walter,  (optional)

My shipping address is:
Joe Doe
#34 - 125 ST NE
Joetown, OH 55555

I wish to buy:

1 - 845DMEG - Chrome Laser Cannon $x.xx
1 - 845AC  - Bluestreak  Red Launcher LEFT - $x.xx
1 - TA - Blaster -  Rifle $xx.xx

I want to trade-in:

1- Jetfire gun with decals


(end example Order)

Please note the Key information needed here.

Your real name and WHOLE shipping address
Quantity, page code (optional, but speeds-up order), name, and price of each item
Quantity and name of trades (if any)
When you email me your order, put the word " ORDER " in the subject line so you don't get mistaken for junk mail.

With this information I should be able to email you an invoice.

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