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   If insured, parts shipped by Robot Monster Toys will only be insured against LOSS or obvious mishandling by the Post Office (as in crushed flat or stabbed).  Individual parts that are broken because we used too small a box or did not pad correctly will be replaced or refunded by Robot Monster Toys*. The Customer will not be asked waist time filing a claim for our mistake.
   Also, parts WE receive for trade or for purchase from a Customer that are broken because they were not padded enough to survive the normal abuse inflicted on any parcel the Post carries WILL BE RETURNED.  WE will not waste an hour of our time filing a damage claim, when the Customer will not take a few minutes to pad a part.

  Robot Monster Toys "MAY" refuse to replace or refund payment for lost  orders that are not tracked by either  INSURANCE, DELIVERY CONFIRMATION, OR REGISTERED MAIL.


*Any  part Robot Monster Toys ships that arrives to the customer broken, will be replaced or refunded by Robot Monster Toys whether is was insured or not.

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