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 If you find this web site useful as a resource or entertainment,  you can help keep the web site here in its entirety on this nice, fast, and large server by either making a small donation or making a purchase. 

 If you would like to make a purchase, I have merchandise on:

My eBay Auction Page

My Store Page (over 200 items - closing soon)

Transformers Parts House (over 2000 parts)

The Salvage Yard


Or if you would like to donate a dollar or more,

you can mail it in or use Paypal.

I accept payment through PayPal!, the #1 online payment service! 

Robot Monster Toys
2416 Waterwood Lane
Bryan, TX 77803




Through generous donations of customers and fans the web host will be paid up to March 2006

  March 2006 
  March 2005  


Robot Monster Toys greatly appreciates the donations received from:

Nathan Brewer


Botch's Transformers Box Art Archive

Joe Shepherd

George Dodge

Brad Russell & Rickie Westbrook of Prime Studios

Nathan Kammerzell


Scott Perrett

Vectron Intalex








I am still getting permission to post more names.


And a special  thanks to all those who have placed cash orders in support or the web site.



Comments that came with donations and orders, that keep be going better than money:



"I use your site as reference too much to see it go to a less desirable service..."

"I don't remember a time when RMT wasn't online. I wish I needed more parts. Thanks!"

"Keep the Site Alive.."

"YOU HAVE THE BEST WEB PAGE EVER!!!! and I appreciate all that you have done for me and my collection."

"...keep up the good work"

"I hope this helps..."

"Thanks man for the work you do."

"..don't want to see you go."

"I hope you can keep the site going for another year."

"Glad to help, especially since your website has helped me many times over :)"


May I express my deepest appreciation to all those who sent donations, pledges, and cash orders for allowing this web site to be hosted here another year. We even got a good start on the next year. I will continue to accept donations to keep this web site posted on an banner/pop-up ad free server

Thank you all!

Walter Causey 3/12/04



    Cash sales of Transformer parts  that maintain this web site have diminished to the point that I am not able to pay the yearly hosting fee to keep this web site. If I can not raise $100 by Friday March 19th, then I will have to move this web to a smaller "free host " with all the annoying banners and pop-up ads.  This will mean I will not have enough space to host all the Hi-resolution reference photos of TF parts at The Transformers Parts House, the Transformers Variations and Fakes pages, or the any of the anime screen shots like Cowboy Bebop



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