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RMT Transformers Parts House
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Robot Monster Toys -Transformers Parts House stocks for sale or trade over 2,000 Near Mint Original Transformers Accessories. 

This is the MAIN business of Robot Monster Toys. 

Located in Bryan, Texas, USA



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You have entered the section of RMT dealing specifically with the sale and trade of Hasbro/Takara Transformers and mainly the parts and accessories there of. 

The Transformers Parts House has photos of nearly every part, and  those images are left up even if the part is out of stock. This causes some of the pages to have long load times, but I think the educational  value justifies the inconvenience. Also, that information is needed if you want to trade parts.


Inventory Updated DAILY


The Transformers Parts House  has been split in to two main menus -

 Generation One ( Transformers made before 1991 ) and

Generation Two & Beyond  ( Transformers made after 1991 ) 

Those two menus have links to pages Transformer Part for sale or trade  on order of year released and affiliation. 

On those pages you will find a near complete listing of every accessory or often lost part of that  Transformer along with a photo, price, and how many are in stock. If what you need is in stock, click the nearest ORDER link or the ORDER HERE button at the top of each page for further instructions on purchasing or trading. If what you need in NOT IN STOCK or 0 IN STOCK, DON'T PANIC! There are recourses at you

First check the Consignment Page. These are parts I'm selling for other collectors that are not listed with the normal stock. The try my Associate Dealers - my back-up suppliers that keep a list of parts and Transformers they have posted for you to check.  If no luck there, the email me a WANT LIST of those out of stock parts you need. I get new stock in nearly every day, and I keep a huge data base of collectors' WANT LIST.  I find 40 to 50 specific parts for dozens of collectors every week. I will contact you as soon as your part is in stock and give you the OPPORTUNITY to purchase it. Some part listing that are out of stock have a RESERVE link to the right of the listing. That a short cut to my email. I hope to have these new RESERVE links on every page before the year is over. 

Next, hedge your bet by posting what you need in our FREE CLASSIFIED ADS

While you wait, consider joining the PARTS HOUSE INNER CIRCLE OF TRANSFORMERS COLLECTORS .  It's free. In exchange for your being on my newsletter list, you get shipping discounts and better exchange rates for your trades. If you plan on buying, and trading parts here often, it's a smart economic move. There are over 400 members already, so there must be SOMETHING good about it! 






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