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Robot Monster Toys is abandoning the old message boards in favor of the Bravenet provided FREE CLASSIFIED ADS for the buying, selling, trading, and promotion of Transformers.


You can quickly post your needs, trades, or Transformers for sale. 

You can post your email, web site, and an image if you like.

You can edit your post any time using a temporary password.

You can set your ad to expire after a few days or weeks.

All responses to your ad will be true e-mail, so you don't have to keep checking back.

1000 character limit per post - with SPELL CHECK!

You are encourage to post your needs list in these classified ads just like you did when we were using the BBS. 

Here are the rules:

  1. No off-topic post. 
  2. Do not profanity or "hate speech"
  3. No lewd, profane, or adult images
  4. Limit the display time of your ad to under 30 days
  5. You may edit and extend your ad if you wish, but limit yourself to One at a time.
  6. Report violations of the above rules to RMT@TCA.NET


Violator will be banned from this service and their ad deleted. This business reserved the right to amend or add rules as necessary. 

Click the button to get to the 

Robot Monster Toys Classified Ads





Please do not ad any new post to my old message board below. You can read them, but don't post.







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