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RMT Associate Dealers
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  While I mainly stock Transformers Parts and Accessories, many customers wish to know where they can buy  Transformers bodies, Transformers loose complete, and/or Mint in Box items. No one store has everything, but I would like my on-line store to be helpful to collectors needing more than parts. I have already signed up as a Associate member, but they only sell the latest Transformers. The RMT Associate Dealers program is designed to help collectors find the older Transformers.

RMT Associate Dealers will have  their own button link on the parts page of the specific Transformer they are selling.  For example, if the RMT Associate Dealer had a near mint 1985 Hound body for sale and another member has a Hound body with sticker wear for sale, the Hound Parts page would look like this:

845AT Hound - MIB - out of stock
845AT Hound - Loose Complete - out of stock
845AT Hound - Jeep w/all stickers - 20.00 - out of stock


845AT Hound - Jeep w/all stickers (near mint) - $22.00

One available through


845AT Hound - Jeep w/sticker wear - $15.00

One available through


a84choundtank.jpg (7673 bytes) 845AT Hound - Gas can - 13.00 - out of stock RESERVE


The link  or button will open a new window to a page provide the visiting customers information on that Associate Dealer, more information on the item for sale, how to contact the dealer to make the purchase, and a list of other related items they may have for sale.

Remember once you hit that link you are no longer dealing with Robot Monster Toys. If you have complaints with their service, the most I can do is remove their link from my pages.  However, I don't just give anyone off the street  RMT Associate Dealer status.

To eligible to become a  RMT Associate Dealer :

  1. You must have been a member of PHIC for at least one month.
  2. You must have had at least three transaction with this business.

Rates are:

$1.00 per link / month - first link is free.

It's cheaper than selling it through eBay