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  If you're sending me email, I think I can safely assume you want a reply. However, for some reason AOL and a few other email users have their Spam-blocker filters turned up so high, they can not even receive  replies to email they just sent. I don' t use AOL (anymore) so I don't know exactly how to fix this, but there SHOULD be a list of approved email address,  CONTACTS, or FAVORITES  you can edit so I can email you the answer to your questions or orders.

 I know that you can set Hotmail's Spam filter so high that it ONLY accepts email from people on the Favorites list. I suspect some of my customers using AOL unknowingly have their AOL Spam filter set just as high.

 Sometimes I can reply to these blocked replies by starting a whole new email.  However,  it can be a day or two before I find out my reply was blocked. In the mean time, you wait and wait.

 So do yourself a favor. If you want to get answers from me, don't filter me out!



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