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Accessory Supply WebRing Rules and News


This site is a member of WebRing.
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Like to join our elite little ring? Here are the rules:

-You must dedicate a section of your web to the sale/trade of near mint Transformers Parts/Accessories. (You may also sell/trade worn parts, but they should be clearly indicated as such. If you use the C-scale (condition scale), post the scale table so everyone knows what you are talking about.)

-You must accept payment rather that trade if offered. No TRADE ONLY webs.

-All near mint items must have a price.

-You must update your inventory listing at least once per week, and show last day updated.

-You do not have to have a lot of inventory. Just quality, professionalism, and commitment.

-A link to ordering instructions and email should be posted on EVERY listing page and you should answer all Parts Order emails in under 48 hours. ( a separate email account is recommended like hotmail )

-Shipping should go out at least once a week. - Twice a week would be preferred.

-The web ring navigation banner must go to the front page of your Parts Page. You may place the web ring navigation banner on some other page ONLY if you have a LARGE and highly visible link to your parts page posted there. If you do not add the navigation banner to your web site, you're not really in the ring.

-The web ring link may not be linked to a page with an unusually large download time. (please, no music or 1 meg images)

-Please keep each parts page down load time under 1 minute with a 28K modem

-I may ask you to make small changes to how your parts page is setup before I activate the ring link. Work with me, please!

-The name of your web ring link should have your region or country added to it. (example: RMT Transformers Parts House - USA)

-I reserve the right to amend and added the rules if I see a problem developing. 

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