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Welcome to the  Parts House Inner Circle


  You are now a member of over 400 Transformer Collectors scattered all over the world, which I help get the TF accessories they need.

  Please note: your membership is filed under you email address. If you change email accounts, let me know. Always identify yourself as a member when making a purchase or trade.



Access to the inventory PREVIEW ROOM

  The Parts House is or will be the largest Internet supplier of individual near mint Transformers accessories. I get new stock in nearly every day, and you as a PHIC member will be able to purchase those accessories via the "members only"  Preview Room before they are posted on the public pages. The Preview Room is a sorting room where new inventory sits for a few days before I move it to its proper page. Only PHIC members may purchase items from the Preview Room .


Better Deals on Trade-ins

 For PHIC members only, I will accept trades of near mint  TF accessories, which are OUT OF STOCK at 100% value. Items that are in stock are 50% trade value as normal. The normal TRADE POLICY is posted HERE. The Trade policy was updated on 5/10/03, so please read it, too.

NOTE: I don't give full trade-in value for parts without stickers when I have the same parts WITH stickers in stock. I don't give full trade-in value for Tech Cards and Instruction Booklets in less than near mint condition.



If you wish to trade-in LESS than near mint transformers or parts, or even non-Transformer items of value. I am starting a new service .

 I will take any Transformer or accessory, any issue, any condition in trade to be used to buy parts or build credit as long as I am allowed to sell it first. (on eBay or at my web site)

I must receive the items before I can sell it.
Your items sent will be sold as one lot ( or related lots)  unless I think they can get more money individually. This point is open to discussion. 
I must receive payment from the buyer or winner of the auction before you receive credit.
Your credit will be the sale price less eBay's fees. ( I will not charge for this service)
Don't send anything that will not sell for at least 30 cents.
If you give adequate description of the items you want to send, I will attempt to give you an estimate of their worth in the secondary market.
Please note you can trade-in for auction non-Transformer items such as other action figures, toys, etc.


If it is not something I can not sell on eBay, I do not want it.
No knock-offs, bootleg tapes, banned items, etc.
If you have any question, ask me first before you ship.
I will not pay for ANY returns of things I can not sell.
Please, no items larger than Fort Max.

It is always best to let me know in advance what kind of items you are sending me.



   A discount credit of 10% is applied to all cash*** sales over $10.00. (Excludes the use of discount coupons, or any previous credit)  In other words, your 10% discount is base on your total purchases less any other credits or discounts you are using on this invoice. 

I prefer to ship most orders costing more that $25 insured or tracked. Any credit not used  will be saved for use  on your next invoice, and a record of that credit will be posted on the Order Status Page.

Examples (shipping cost will vary from place to place and with size and weight)

Example :
  Bob in Atlanta orders $20.00 of Dinobot parts and has $3.00 credit from an earlier invoice #45168. His invoice invoice would look like this.


 Dinobot parts $20.00

 invoice #45168 - $3.00 credit

 Purchase Total: $17.00 *

 Shipping : $0.70  1st class shipping 

 insurance: none

 Subtotal: $17.70
 Total : $17.70 if TRADING** /  $16.00 if PURCHASING with PHIC DISCOUNT

   *Your PHIC discount is 10% if this total

  **PHIC discounts do not apply to trades

***Cash sale are sales paid in the form of cash, check, money order, Paypal, etc...Anything but a trade.

  If you have a accessories or parts want list, please send me a copy. I have been very successful in completing many a collectors Transformers. All new stock is screened for wanted parts before they even get to  the PREVIEW ROOM.  To submit a WANT LIST, click HERE.

Small Order Payment Policy
  Since Want List items may come piecemeal, which result in such small invoices, and
because Money & Postal Orders, and Bank Checks  can can cost as high as $7.00, I will waive the
7-14 day waiting period for US checks to clear for orders under $20.00, also, I will accept
unused US Postage Stamps (any denomination ) for the amount of the invoice. I strongly suggest my non-US customers to sign up with


Order Expiration and Restocking Policy (New Policy)

  All trades/purchases are due in 3 - 10 days (domestic orders)
  All unpaid invoices "may" be canceled after 30 days
  All  unpaid items being held "WILL" be canceled after 60 days. (domestic or international)
  Any order or items canceled by RMT or customers will incur a 10% restocking fee that must be paid before or with your next order. 


Your Transformer Web Page
  Got one? Getting one? Give me the URL and I'll link it the RMT Transformers page.

Your Website

  Do you have a website? or a homepage? If you would like to see your  Website or homepage listed on my Transformer Page (It gets about 150 hits  a day),  there are about three ways to get listed.. 

1. Have a TF parts page - Just give me the URL of your parts page and if  it is "trade only" or "trade or sale" and I'll post a link on my Parts Page or TF Page. 

2. Have a TF Home Page - Just give me the URL an I put if on the TF Page. 

3. Be a reference - I always need references to give new customers, and  I would rather give them the Link to your Homepage than your email address.  That way if your email address is posted on your website, they can call you  from there, AND they get to see your page. 
I can post a link to your personal homepage or business if you like .  If you don't have ANY WebPages anywhere about anything, you can still be a reference  if you don't mind me giving out you email address. 

I do NOT give out any email address to anyone without their permission.  That's why I send these newsletters blind carbon copy (BCC).

Associate Dealers Program
Founding Members 
Rogues Gallery  (off line)


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