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These Transformers Accessories are the exception to the 50% rule. If  you can get me any of these, I'll give you FULL CREDIT in trade for anything in the store. I have AT LEAST three people looking for each of these parts.


driver for a black--hooded Bluestreak (Diaclone)
small red clip for Omegatron (Omega Supreme) 

02ARM Megatron - Leader-1 Minicon
80DC Sunstreaker - RED Rocket 
845AC JAZZ - Roof 
845AC Wheeljack-Left Spoiler
845AOP Optimus Prime Gas Hose
845APBS Prowl Roof
845AT Hound Gas Can
845DJET Thundercracker Long Missile/Gun
845DMEG Megatron Right arm 
84DCT Beastbox - GUN
84DCT Ratbat - Cassette
84DCT Rumble Cassette
84DCT soundwave door
84DCT Squawktalk Right GUN
84DMEG Megatron Instruction Booklet
85ACT Rain Dance - tech specs
85ACT Raindance Gun
85ADINO Grimlock sword
85ADINO Grimlock Tec Card Okay 
85ADINO Snarl Missile
85ADINO Swoop beak
85ADINO SWOOP Body w/stickers
85ADLX Roadbuster Antenna
85ADLX Whirl Null Ray Module
85AOS Omega Supreme Small Yellow SHIELD ARMOR connector 
85DSHKW Shockwave Battery Cover 
85DT Blitzwing Missile 5.00
85MA Downshift Magnetic Launcher 
86A Blurr Shield 
86A Broadside Gun
86A Springer Blades
86D Galvatron Orange cannon tube 
86D Gnaw Tail/flail
86D Scourge Laser Blaster
86D Scourge Rocket
86DPRED Dive Bomb Left Fist
86DPRED Headstrong Left Foot
86DPRED Headstrong Left Foot 
86DPRED Rampage Right Fist
86DPRED Rampage Right Fist
86DPRED Tantrum Right Foot 
86DRFT Reflector Booklet Okay
86DTRP TRYPTICON Right Connector/Stand
86DTRP TRYPTICON Double Blaster Connector
86DTRP TRYPTICON Double Dish Scanner 
86DTRP TRYPTICON Electro Disruptor
87A Punch-Counterpunch yellow gun
87AFMX Fort Max Cog's Laser
87AFMX Fort Max - Rader Scope
87AFMX Fort Max Cerebros' Mini-Laser Rifle
87AFMX Fort Max Photon Rifle The Big GUN
87AFMX Fort Max Spike   
87AFMX Fort Max Booklet Near Mint  $20.00
87AFMX Fort Max Cog's Laser
87AHM Hardhead Duros 
87ATM Blurr Haywire 
87ATM Kup Recoil 
87ATM Pointblank Wings 
87DHM Apeface Sonice Boomer Gun
87DHM Apeface shield
87DHM Weirdwolf Monso
87DHM Weirdwolf Sword/Tail 
87DSCORP Scorponok Fastrack Gun
87DTM Cyclonus NightStick 
87DTM Misfire Aimless
87DTM Misfire w/ decals
87DTM Scourge Fracus
87DTM Scourge Rocket Booster
87DTM Slugslinger Blaster
87DTM Slugslinger Caliburst
87DTM Slugslinger Jet 
87DTM Triggerhappy Blaster 
88AHM Hosehead Left Pistol
88AHM Hosehead right pistol
88AHM Nightbeat Right Pistol
88AHM Siren Left Pistol
88AHM Siren Right Pistol
88APM Getaway REV
88APRT Gunrunner Missile
88APRT Landmine Helmet
88APRT Splashdown Shield 
88APRT Waverider Axe
88DPCON nautilator left claw
88DPCON Nautilator Right Claw
88DPCON Piranacon Stand Connector
88DPCON Snaptrap Shield
88DPRT BUGLY Antenna
88DPRT Finback Belt
88DPRT Finback Harpoon 
88DPRT Skullgrin Belt
88DTM Needlenose RUDDER w/stickers 3.00
89CPRT Grimlock Tail/Laser
89DMON Birdbrain - Connector
89DMON Icepick Rifle
89MPRT Thunderwing Inner Robot
89MPRT Thunderwing Large Gun
89MPRT Thunderwing -Shell
89MPRT Thunderwing Small Gun
89MPRT Vroom Small Wheel
89PRT Bludgeon Electric Cannon
89PRT Bludgeon SHELL
89PRT Bludgeon Turrent Shield
89PRT Doubleheader Backpack
89PRT Doubleheader Small Gun
89PRT Doubleheader Small Gun
89PRT Longtooth Robot
89PRT Longtooth Small Gun
89PRT Octopunch Claws
89PRT Octopunch Helmet
89PRT Octopunch Small Gun
89PRT Pincher Back Pack
89PRT Pincher Laser Torch
89PRT Pincher Stun Rifle
89UPRT Roadblock Dual Laser
89UPT Skyhammer Blue wing
90AHQ Autobot HQ Cruise Missile
90AM1 Rollout Glitch (w/arms)
90AM3 Inferno Figure
90AM3 Skyfall Figure
90AMLV AM Optimus Prime Figure
90AMLV Gutcruncher Laser Cannon
90AMLV Gutcruncher Missile
90AMSV Axer Red Missile
90MMT Autobot Missile Launcher Missile
97BW Basic Airazor Shoulder Pad



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