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20206a2.jpg (43714 bytes)  OS TANK PARTS 

Unless the word WANTED appears next to the OS TANKS PART listed, I am not buying OS Tank PARTS or accepting them as trade. Prices reflect more my time to find unbroken OS parts out of my junk draw or remove them from Junkers  than their actual value. I will buy working and non-working tanks.

Reference Photo Prefix # Transformer Part Price note
os07.jpg (5575 bytes) 85AOSP TANK Battery   holder 1.00 3 in stock
os08.jpg (6827 bytes) 85AOSP TANK Hatch  Cover 1.00 3 in stock
os09.jpg (4396 bytes) 85AOSP TANK Red  Cannon 4.00 0 in stock
os10.jpg (6133 bytes) 85AOSP TANK Visor 1.00 8 in stock
os11.jpg (4398 bytes) 85AOSP TANK Left Tread 1.00 3 in stock no tread lock
os12.jpg (4578 bytes) 85AOSP TANK Right Tread 1.00 3 in stock no tread lock
os06.jpg (4847 bytes) 85AOSP TANK Tread Lock Release 1.00 8 in stock

os18.jpg (8588 bytes)  os19.jpg (5256 bytes)     OS TANK - Drum cam complete (Original ) - $10.00 - 0 in stock -WANTED!!! Most not have ANY 


Robot Monster Toys is not buying or trading for the parts below. We WILL trade for non-working tanks.1.0


os13.jpg (5999 bytes) 85AOSP TANK Classis Weight

0  - 0 in stock

os14.jpg (4983 bytes)   OS TANK - Head top halves

The two parts above attack with a small #4 black screw.

    OS TANK - Head Lock Ring - $1.00  - 1 in stock

os15.jpg (2392 bytes)

os16.jpg (2328 bytes)


os20.jpg (4898 bytes)   OS TANK - #6 Chrome Body screw 

os21.jpg (5419 bytes)  OS TANK - #5 Black Body screw 

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