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Jet Notes!
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Large Wing and  Sticker Condition Grading Table

Example photo 

Sticker Condition

d84wing3.jpg (5253 bytes) Grade 4

Wing - Factory applied sticker(s) have no wear, fading, or damage

Wing - Decepticon Logo - has no wear, fading, or damage - is correctly applied.

Grade 3

Wing - Factory applied sticker(s) have no wear, fading, or damage

Wing - Decepticon Logo - has no wear, fading, or damage , but is incorrectly applied.

Grade 2

Wing - Factory applied sticker(s) have no wear, fading, or damage

Wing - Decepticon Logo - is worn, faded or damaged

d84wing1.jpg (5627 bytes) Grade 1

Wing - Factory applied sticker(s) are worn, faded or damaged 

Wing - Decepticon Logo - condition irrelevant 


Grade 0

Wing - no sticker - wing is clean 



1) What is the difference between a Seeker Jet Tailfin, Rudder, or Tailwing? And what is a Large Peg or Small peg?

2) How can I tell the difference in a large or small peg rudder or fin?

3) I heard you only sell Rudders and Tailfins as matched sets. Will you sell either separately?

4) Can I see an example of LARGE JET WING sticker conditions grades?




First the Definitions:


RUDDER: The VERTICAL or DORSAL fin that controls the Left and Right orientation

                   of the aircraft. ALL THREE JET'S RUDDERS HAVE DECALS.

TAIL FIN:   Sometimes called the tail WING. Controls the Up and DOWN orientation

                  of the aircraft. Only THRUST tail wing/rudder has stickers.


These definitions are by HASBRO the maker of the toys. If you do not used the proper terms for the parts,  I will NOT be responsible for you getting the wrong piece. 


Large and Small Peg : Sometime in 1984 or 1985 Hasbro changed the design of the Tailfins and Rudders of their fist issued Seeker Jets ( TC, SS, & SW). These fins are NOT interchangeable with the earlier issues and will damage or be damaged if forced together. Some ways to identify the difference in these parts are listed further down this page.


The REVISED POLICY: (5/9/2001)

Robot Monster Toys WILL now sell Jet Rudders and Tailfins SEPARATELY as long as the customer assumes full responsibility for ordering the correct part and uses the correct part name (as defined by HASBRO) when ordering. 


Reason Why  Policy was revised:

Because of the confusion and increase amount of returns as the result of collectors not being able to identify if they need a Large or Small hole Rudder or a Large or Small peg Tailfin, Robot Monster Toys stopped selling Rudders and Tailfins for these three Jets SEPARATELY.  Instead we sold them as matched set GUARANTEED to to fit. This became to confusing for many collectors trying to sell or trade to RMT, and our supply of these parts completely dried-up.



How to Tell A Large Peg Seeker Jet Tailfin from a Small

Large Peg Tailfins have a cavity on the underside of the fin near the rear. The Small Peg Tailfin does not. See photo of fin underside.

pegs.jpg (22748 bytes)

How to Tell A Large Peg Hole Seeker Jet Rudder from a Small


This one is not as easy to show or even see. Both the rudders in the photo  below are SMALL peg hole Seeker Jet Rudders for Small Peg Tail Fins. Small hole rudders for G1 Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp have a small mold mark indicated by the red arrows. The Large hole rudders do NOT. This distinction has been the most accurate so far. 

rudder.jpg (29098 bytes)  Arrows show BASE MARK

The Blue Starscream rudder above has a stress crack in the peg hole probably caused by some-one inserting a large peg tail fin.


Additional photo provided by Ken Szemethy that the large hole rudders have 3 vent marks to the Small peg's two. I have already found this is not 100% reliable.

10607a.jpg (83211 bytes)


Another easy way I have found to tell apart MOST of the Large Peg Hole Rudders is they have a small mold number printed in the inside base. 

Known Rudder variations 

Jet peg size mold # # of vents base mark color
Starscream Large 11 2 no dark blue
Starscream Large 3 3 no blue
Starscream Large 2 2 no blue
Starscream Large none 2 no blue
Starscream Small none 2 yes blue
Thundercraker Large 3 3 no black
Thundercraker Large 5 2 no black
Thundercraker Small none 2 yes black
Skywarp Large 3 3 no purple
Skywarp Large 5 2 no purple
Skywarp Large 4 3 no purple
Skywarp Large 6 2 no purple
Skywarp Small none 2 yes purple

If you are buying a Rudder to go with a Fin you already have, I recommend you send it in for a fitting. 





10813b09.jpg (3010 bytes)  SMALL ROUND HOLE - (SRH)


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