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03RID - Runiation - Walmart Exclusive
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File Photo Prefix # Transformer Part Part Price  notes
3040903_50.jpg (18365 bytes) 03RID MEGA-OCTANE Complete With all 9 accessories
3040903_05.jpg (12461 bytes) 03RID Armorhide Complete
3040903_17.jpg (13090 bytes) 03RID Rollbar Complete
3040903_22.jpg (9965 bytes) 03RID Rollbar Jeep  Cannon See 2001 Runination Click Here
3040903_28.jpg (8795 bytes) 03RID Rollbar Hand Gun See 2001 Runination Click Here
3040903_33.jpg (17253 bytes) 03RID Ro-Tor Complete
3040903_32.jpg (10880 bytes) 03RID Ro-Tor Body w/blades 4.00 0 in stock
3040903_12.jpg (11519 bytes) 03RID Movor Compete



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