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Transformer Tec Spec Cards
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Near Mint Tec Spec Card - Card may not be creased, taped, torn, marked, discolored, or be poorly cut. Unless noted, the card is US Hasbro issue in English ONLY.  A FEW minor wrinkles (not creases) allowed.

Card may be laminated if done well and without damaging the card.

Okay Tec Spec Card - Card is collected for information purposes only. ALL text must be readable. Can have minor tears, creases, or wrinkles as long as the card still will lie flat. "Okay" cards do not command the trade-in credit enjoyed by near mint items. I will not BUY "Okay" cards. For Collection purposes, these would be referred to as FILLERS. They may be bi-lingual, but one of the languages better be English

BACKER CARDS - I am of course referring to the card on which the smaller Transformers are mounted. The back side of this cards often were make up of the Tec Spec card and maybe transforming instruction. This is the only side for which the condition (near mint/okay) applies. The front side is often  severely damaged by having the package open and hardly ever still has a bubble. Even considering only one side, finding a near mint Backer Card is still quite rare.

Special notations for Backer Cards:

Near Mint X2 - means BOTH sides are near mint, but bubble was neatly removed.

Near Mint X2B - means BOTH sides are near mint, AND bubble is included.

TECH CARD INVENTORY - (not available on mirror sites)

If you are unable to read the Spread sheet version, please email me requesting the text version


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